Incapable of drawing a single stroke

O my friend — but it is too much for my strength — I sink under the weight of the splendour of these visions! A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of […]

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It is an almost unorthographic life

The Big Oxmox advised her not to do so, because there were thousands of bad Commas, wild Question Marks and devious Semikoli, but the Little Blind Text didn’t listen. She packed her seven versalia, put her initial into the belt and made herself on the way. When she reached the first hills of the Italic […]

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Raleigh HVAC Tips – How to Balance AC Room Temperature

How To Make All The Rooms In Your NC Home Stay The Same Temperature Now is the time to minimize the operational cost for running the HVAC equipment in your regional Raleigh home. It’s as simple as reducing energy consumption by effective regulation of dampers, registers and airflow. It’s as complex as eliminating leaks in […]

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A Raleigh Home Buyer’s HVAC Checklist

Due Diligence HVAC Checklist Helps Raleigh Homebuyers Avoid Premature A/C Breakdowns Problems with your home’s air conditioning system never occur at an opportune time. But when HVAC equipment fails on a newly purchased home, the concept of “opportune time” seems out of sync with even the worst of expectations. This Due Diligence HVAC checklist aims […]

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Plumbing Versus HVAC: What’s the Difference?

Plumbing Versus HVAC: What’s the Difference? At first glance, the differences between plumbing and HVAC sound simple. A plumber will work on the pipes while a HVAC specialist handles your air conditioning and heating needs. The truth is the differences between plumbing and HVAC is much more complex. Plumbing Jobs   Plumbers are responsible for more […]

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What Makes An Air Conditioner Freeze?

What Makes an Air Conditioner Freeze? In North Carolina, June thru August make for the worst possible times to endure a frozen home air conditioning system. It means that: The AC blows hot air if any air at all Perspiration becomes hard-boiled sweat Your comfortable leather lounge chair takes on the feel of heated tarpaper […]

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