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If you’re constructing a new home, adding an extension, remodeling, or simply wish to install a new gas appliance, installing a gas line might be necessary. Gas lines transport gas from the municipal supply to your home or business. While gas is often more cost-effective than electricity, it does come with certain considerations. Our experts in Raleigh specializing in gas line installation are here to guide you in determining whether gas is the best option for your needs. Rely on Delta’s proficiency to accurately pinpoint any plumbing issues and resolve them swiftly and effectively. For top-notch plumbing repair or installation services in Raleigh or Wilson, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Gas Line Installation & Repair in Apex, Cary, Wake, Wilson, Pitt & Johnston County

Jobs involving gas lines should always be entrusted to a professional plumber with the specialized knowledge to execute the work safely and effectively. If you’re thinking of installing gas lines in your home or if you have an existing gas line that’s damaged or leaking, Delta is here to help.


Whether you’re constructing a new home, adding a room, or undergoing a remodel, our Raleigh gas line plumbing experts possess the experience and tools necessary to complete the task. We offer various services, including gas line installation, replacement, and repair. Furthermore, we can help ensure your gas lines are properly vented to prevent hazardous gas leaks.

FREE Plumbing or HVAC Service Call ($69 Value)!

For a limited time your service call fee will be waived for any plumbing or heating & air conditioning repair exceeding $69!*

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Expert Gas Line Repair in Raleigh

If you suspect damage or a leak in your gas line, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and immediately contact a professional plumber. Our gas line repair specialists in Raleigh are ready to assist in preventing gas leaks and ensuring your gas line is correctly installed and vented.

Should you detect a “rotten egg” smell, immediately call your gas company and, if possible, shut off your gas line. For safety, open windows to allow fresh air in or evacuate the property, as natural gas poses risks of asphyxiation and is highly flammable. Avoid igniting matches or candles and do not operate electrical switches, since sparks can trigger fires or explosions. Once it’s safe, call Delta Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing. We will promptly and safely repair your gas line. We’re also available for 24/7 and same-day emergency services to give you peace of mind.

If Possible, Shut Off Your Gas Line
Contact Your Gas Company
Open Windows To Ventilate Your Home
Once Safe, Contact Your Plumbing Professionals

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