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Benefits of a Humidifier During Raleigh’s Cold Season

Humidifier Comfort Reduces Physical Effects of Incoming Raleigh Winter

Wow! Pull out the humidifier – and do it now. Recently, the temperature in Raleigh and surrounding NC areas took a rather steep seasonal nosedive. Although sunshine still dominates the region, the long-range weather forecast from U.S. Climate Data offers a vision of cold nights with only slightly warmer days. And this is only the beginning.

Expect low humidity accompanied by scratchy throats, itchy skin, and an aggravating obstacle to routine daily comforts. It’s all part of the coughing, colds, sinus problems, and asthma attacks that follow in the wake of cold Raleigh winters. Dry air affects your skin and your mucous membranes and chapped lips are a given.

In this article, the Raleigh home comfort unit at Delta Heating & Cooling aims to help you gain victory over the physical complications associated with dry winter air.

Humidifier as a Medically Confirmed Defense Against Winter Agitations

According to Dr. Shaila Pai-Verma, a Rush University Medical Center primary care doctor, use of a humidifier can be extremely helpful to people who suffer from asthma, sinusitis and other upper respiratory conditions.

Aside from an immediate move to a region with warmer climate, Raleigh residents cannot avoid
the seasonal certainty of cold wind, freezing rains, and the occasional NC snowstorm. But endurance does not include giving the harsh effects of winter free entry into your home. Using a humidifier system adds moisture to the inside air – and it doesn’t need to be in constant use.

In some cases, a portable humidifier works well enough to help chase away basic symptoms of dry skin and upper respiratory infection. However, setting up a portable system can be somewhat troublesome and time consuming. For those Raleigh homeowners in search of a more permanent solution to discomforts associated with winter air, installation of a central humidifier makes a good choice. These units connect to and function in conjunction with your home heating system.

Central humidifiers come in several basic types:

  • Humidifier Flow-Through Type – Water flows through the unit and drains out. Reduces possibility of accumulated bacteria
  • Humidifier Reservoir Type – Uses a rotating drum to move water from an on-demand reservoir
  • Humidifier Steam Type – Functions in tandem with the furnace system to convert reservoir water into steam.

Every furnace-mounted humidifier uses evaporation and air pressure to deliver warm moisture throughout your home. The increased moisture helps keep dry winter air from controlling your home’s inside environment. So long as you keep the humidifier clean, and operate on a reasonable percentage of moisture distribution, expect to gain relief from sinus congestion, flu symptoms, and even asthma-related health problems. Other benefits of an installed central humidifier system include:

  • Less snoring due to a dry throat
  • A reduction in itchy eyes
  • Better body hydration
  • Healthier looking skin
  • AND more.

Humidifier Support from an Experienced Raleigh HVAC Company

Perhaps you suffer from allergies, dry skin or maybe you are just plain tired of hearing your spouse snoring all winter long. No matter the reason, Delta Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can help. Please contact us now for more information about humidifiers and to schedule your estimate.