3 Uncommon Reasons Your Heater Blows Cold Air

Common Causes For Poor Heater Performance

Have you ever turned on the heater and felt cold air blow out? The floors grow cold. Family members slip into sweaters and sip cups of hot coffee. And even pets cuddle nearer. And, of course, the use of alternative and less controlled methods of home heating increase the threat of a fire and other heat-related dangers.

Back in October 2016, the wind and rains of Hurricane Matthew arrived in Raleigh and Wake County. Within hours, nearly 600-thousand NC utility customers loss access to home electricity. But at least everyone understood the reason their furnace failed to function.

However, what do you do when the electricity is on, the furnace blows, but the air is cold? Common causes for such poor heater performance include:

  • Thermostat Errors
  • A Dirty Furnace Air Filter
  • Frozen Heat Pump Coils
  • The Pilot Light Went Out
  • Damaged Duct Lines
  • Tripped Electric Breakers

In this article, the team at Delta Heating & Cooling offers three uncommon reasons why cold air is coming from your Raleigh home heating system.

Three Uncommon Reasons Your Heater Blows Cold Air

Frost Blocked Furnace Exhaust: According to Weather Warehouse the 1985 Raleigh temperatures dropped to an all time local low of -9F. Thankfully, the typical regional winter low hangs around 32 degrees. So, it isn’t often that frost blocks the furnace exhaust on a Raleigh home. Yet it can happen. However, due to modern design, conventional furnaces rarely experience icing problems.

Circumstances: Quick freezing moisture from the furnace discharges comes out too near to the inlet pipe.

Solution: Your Raleigh HVAC technician uses elbows and extensions to separate the exhaust from the intake.

Fan Speed Set Too High
Circumstances: Every furnace firebox contains a safety cutoff switch. If the speed of your unit fan is too slow, the system shuts down before reaching the desired thermostat setting. However, if the airflow is too high, system efficiency drops. Cool air comes out of the room registers

Solution: We measure the temperature rise of air passing through the system, compare the reading to the furnace specs, calculate adjustment based on age and efficiency of your heater, and make necessary adjustments.

Furnace-Related Gas Leaks
Throughout North America, natural gas is the primary source of furnace-driven heat. Due to the dangers associated with leaking gas, your gas furnace comes equipped with various safety features. But if a leak does occur, the consequences can be deadly.

Circumstances: The putty sealing your gas pipe connections fails. You don’t see the problem, but you smell an odor of rotten eggs – and you are not cooking.

Solution: Whether the blower sends out warm air or cool air, immediately shut down the system, open windows, and contact family owned and operated Raleigh HVAC professionals, Delta Heating & Cooling.

Eliminate Cold Air From Your Home Heating System

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