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AC Tips For Efficient Raleigh HVAC Preventative Care

Efficient Raleigh HVAC Preventative Care Enhances System Performance

Practicing basic home HVAC preventative care keeps your Raleigh home AC system functional at top efficiency as well as top performance capacity. A good air conditioning system maintenance program tends to extend the life cycle of individual heating and cooling components. Furthermore: Efficient AC system performance guarantees better savings on long-term heating and cooling energy expenses.

However, replacing the air filter and adding a bit of mold remover to the A/C return box is no substitute for the yearly system maintenance provided by professional HVAC tech support. In this article, the Delta Heating & Cooling team guides you through some of the more simple HVAC care processes available to the average Raleigh NC homeowner.

Common Reasons for HVAC Failure in Raleigh Homes

Mild Raleigh temperatures often tempt homeowners to seek a better view into the outside world. However, according to an Energy Gov report on common air conditioner problems, failure to close windows and outside doors ranks among the top reasons for poor HVAC system performance (1). That outside view comes at a cost.

Other common air conditioning problems include:

  • Restricted System Drainage – Can result in automatic system shutoff and even system freezing.
  • Restricted External Airflow – Typically linked to obtrusions near the outside condensing system.
  • Functional Failures – Sometimes caused by serious component issues, but can be due to simple thermostat management problems.
  • Restricted Internal Airflow – Often related to a dirty air filter, but can also be caused by clogged or leaking air ducts, and even a failed fan unit.
  • Low System Refrigerant – Typically requires repair of a leak, and a recharge of the system. Contact a trained Delta Heating & Cooling A/C technician.

HVAC Preventative Care from the Perspective of a Raleigh Homeowner

Everyone hopes to avoid unexpected A/C repairs – and even more so the cost of full HVAC system replacement. Thankfully, most common heating and cooling problems can be prevented by a combination of homeowner preventative care, and the services of a seasonal professional A/C maintenance program. Your part involves the following preventative HVAC care tactics:

  • Air Filter – Before replacement, consider upgrading to a cleanable pleated high-efficiency filter.
  • Mold Control – Unless you or a family member is allergic to mold cleaners, consider dumping a once-a-month cup full into the system’s return air flow return box. First remove the filter. Also, be careful of nearby electric connections.
  • External Maintenance – Keep the area near your A/C heat pump or condensing unit free of brush, grass, fallen limbs, leaves and other miscellaneous hindrances to air flow.
  • Drainage – Routine visual examination is typically sufficient. Check also for cracks or breaks in the line itself.

Seasonal Raleigh Home HVAC Preventative Care

Professional seasonal HVAC maintenance ensures long-term system efficiency, and should include the following services:

  • Damage Check Visible Refrigerant Lines
  • Delta T Check
  • Safety Check Switches, Flues, Relays & More
  • Check Refrigerant Charge
  • Cutting off the water supply to the furnace humidifier during the summer
  • Replacement of the humidifier filter and reengaging the water supply during the winter.
  • Clean & Inspect Indoor/Outdoor Coils
  • Inspect In-home Registers
  • Adjust Pad Levels On Outdoor Components
  • Examine & Tighten Electrical Components
  • Inspect & Clear Condensate Drains

Prolong the life of your Raleigh NC system. For more information on our Delta AC heating and cooling system maintenance program, call now!