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5 Reasons To Schedule An Annual Home Furnace Exam

5 Reasons To Schedule An Annual Home Furnace Inspection

Comfortable, safe and efficient HVAC performance comes not by magic. If your home maintenance program fails to include annual furnace maintenance:

  • The yearly cost of heating goes up
  • The overall risk of furnace failure rises
  • Matters of daily disappointments in family heat-related comforts increase
  • And the risks to your family’s daily safety continue to escalate.

In detail, an annual furnace exam…

1.Enables More Efficient Regulation of Daily Home Temperatures

During inspection, your HVAC technician verifies thermostat calibration, thus ensuring proper and reliable furnace heat output.

2. Ensures Smooth System Functionality

During the annual furnace exam, your tech performs various functionality corrections. This includes lubricating where necessary, replacing worn parts, and a full examination of the furnace electrical wiring.

3.Helps Reduce Chances For System Operational Failures

Prevention is the better solution to any problem, including problems that effect efficient HVAC performance. A scheduled annual furnace inspection can help prevent small complications from launching into a major breakdown.

4.Reduces Operating Expenses

Operating an inefficient furnace unit not only cost more in yearly operations, but it also shortens the life of the HVAC. Clogged filters, leaks in duct lines, and wasteful registry settings all affect the flow of air through your Raleigh home furnace system. But it is more than that. Any faulty component within your furnace can reduce system efficiency – even those components that function in conjunction with the system thermostat.

5. Provides Better Family Safety and Comfort

Family home comfort not only applies to heat-related satisfaction, but it also involves matters concerning indoor air quality. Failure to perform yearly furnace upkeep can result in the spread of dust, mold spores, and other airborne risks to your family’s daily health. But a poorly maintained furnace may even leak carbon monoxide, a deadly and odorless gas.

Annual Home Furnace Inspection Assures Efficient HVAC Performance

Why risk home heating problems and family health when the cure to poor furnace performance is just a phone call away?
Trained, licensed and insured for regional Raleigh HVAC services, family-owned Delta Heating & Cooling wants your business. Get full and reliable heating and cooling product installation, maintenance and service. Our techs are available 24/7 to ensure that your family can enjoy HVAC comfort and safety – contact us today!