Why HVAC Maintenance Is Important

Why HVAC Maintenance Is Important


If you’ve lived through a steamy summer in Raleigh, NC, you know the importance of air conditioning. By having HVAC maintenance performed at regular intervals, you can ensure that your system comfortably cools your home for years to come. Here are seven important reasons to keep your system properly maintained.

1. Financial Savings

Holding on to more of your hard-earned cash is a primary reason to make sure your HVAC system is maintained regularly. When your system runs well, you spend less for heating and cooling your home.

Your system may appear to be running just fine, but without maintenance it will lose its ability over time to efficiently heat and cool. You may not feel the difference in your air temperature right away, but you’ll feel it in the increase in your monthly energy bills.

2. Greater Efficiency

With proper maintenance, your system will run more efficiently. Units that are not properly cleaned and maintained work harder to provide you the same level of comfort.

3. Reduced Risk of a Serious Failure

With highs hitting the 90s — and even into the triple digits — on many days during the summer in Raleigh, NC, having an air conditioning system die is certainly not what you want. With regular maintenance, you reduce the chances of a complete failure that can leave you without cooling capacity during the most sweltering months of the year.

4. Fewer Repairs

Speaking of repairs, you won’t need them as often when you work with an experienced vendor for regular maintenance of your Raleigh HVAC system. Having your system maintained can help head off problems like a fraying belt that will eventually snap.

5. Enhanced Safety

As with any mechanical system in your home, your HVAC unit can pose safety risks to you and your family. A problem like a cracked heat exchanger can allow extremely dangerous carbon monoxide to leak into the air inside your house. In addition, an electric-powered system can short-circuit, increasing the chances of a fire.

6. A Longer System Lifespan

With regular HVAC maintenance, your system can perform at peak level for a decade or more. Proper servicing also helps reduce the risk that a part will malfunction and cause significant damage.

7. Better Air Quality

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system will keep your home appropriately cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Throughout the year, it also will help improve the air quality in your home. When coils and filters in your system are clean, the air in your home stays much cleaner as well.

As summer heats up, taking proper care of your HVAC system in Raleigh, NC, is critical. To schedule cleaning and maintenance for your system, please contact Delta Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today at (919) 256-5120.