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Warning Signs That It Is Time to Replace Your Heating System in Raleigh

You knew this day was coming, but you were hoping you could get one more winter out of it. You think it may be time to replace your heating system??  How do you know for sure that it’s time to replace? Well, the most obvious one is… has stopped working and your local heating contractor in Raleigh has informed you that it’s time to say goodbye and good riddance. If you wait for your heating system to stop working completely, it may not the best thing for you and your family’s comfort and safety. It will force you into having to purchase a new heating system faster than you want.  You will have to do your research, contact your local HVAC company, wait for them to inspect and give you an estimate, and then have them schedule your installation. And depending on the weather and how busy the company is may determine how many nights you are without heat. Not much fun in the middle of winter!

While it’s tempting to put off purchasing a new furnace or heat pump until it completely stops working; you’re better off buying and installing a new system before it stops working. But who wants to buy an expensive heating system before it is necessary?  You should know the warning signs that it is time to replace your system before it’s too late. Don’t force your family to suffer in a cold home. Read below and know the signs.

Your Raleigh Heating System Needs Another Repair 

If your trained local technician has told you that your heating system is beginning to show signs of nearing the end of its lifespan….. and it keeps needing costly repairs, talk to them about the pros and cons of both repairing and replacing. The experts at Delta Heating & Cooling have been serving Raleigh area residents for years, and they are ready to help!  Sometimes it makes more sense to just go ahead and purchase a new system, but in other situations, you would be better off making repairs to your furnace or heat pump.  It really depends on the age of your heating system and its current condition. Your certified HVAC technician from Delta can guide you through your decision. 

If it’s an older system (15 years and older), then you’re better off buying a newer high-efficiency system. You’ll see savings through lower energy bills because of the new technology and higher AFUE ratings. More of the energy you’re paying for goes toward heating your home!

More than Fifteen Years Old and Higher Utility Bills in the Triangle

Most heating systems will last you fifteen to twenty years. If you’re seeing costly repairs and the system is more than fifteen years old, it’s time to replace.

Higher energy bills are another sign your system is struggling. When energy bills start to rise and it’s not due to changes in usage patterns or utility rates, then your system is not running efficiently. An inefficient system is a sign that it’s time to replace. 

Making Strange Noises and Looks Like it has seen its Better Days

When start hearing your heating system making noises, such as humming, rattling, and buzzing, then there is a problem that you shouldn’t overlook. Usually, this is due to years wear and tear and it’s time to replace. When your unit has visible wear and tear, such as cracks and leaks (Your Delta technician will point out), then it is time to bite the bullet and replace it. This may not be visible to you, but your local heating technician from Delta Heating & Cooling can show you the danger signs.

Not Working Like it Once did…

Other signs that your heating system is in need of replacement is when your system isn’t performing as it should. As noted above, when a system runs inefficiently, you’ll see higher energy bills, but you’ll also notice other signs too. Your system may seem dirtier and you may have excessive dust and dirt around your home. If your air filters have been changed regularly; then it may be a problem with the actual heating system. You may also notice that some rooms in the home are warmer than others. Heating systems are designed to heat a home evenly – if your system fails to do so, it may be time to replace. 
Contact your local experts at Delta Heating & Cooling and we can walk you through the steps and help show you what’s best for your family.  We can help you make the right decision to replace your heating system, or we can recommend the appropriate repair.  Delta also highly recommends our semi-annual maintenance agreement to increase the longevity of your heating system.  By having your furnace checked and serviced once a year; it extends the lifespan of your furnace and ensures that it is working efficiently. Your highly-trained technician will help you know when it’s time for replacement so that you won’t be left out in the cold this winter.