To Repair or Replace: A Critical Raleigh HVAC Question

HVAC Decisions: Repair or Replace, Which Is The Best Air Conditioning Option?

Should I repair or should I replace my broken air conditioning system? This is one HVAC decision that every homeowner dreads. Yet summer is here. Carolina temperatures soar. Many local central-cooling systems will fail. When it happens, the choice of fix and keep or dump and replace will trouble your mind.

The following tips from family-owned Delta Heating & Cooling will help regional Raleigh homeowners identify the best choice for optimized long-term, cost-effective Carolina home comfort.

Repair Versus Replace – The Merits of Updating HVAC Equipment

As with all mechanical equipment, age directly affects reliability. This does not mean that your broken Raleigh air conditioning system is not worth repairing. But when calculating the costs of upgrade versus repair, the age of the existing unit must play a major role in the HVAC decision.

Do not let the temptation of immediate and temporary cost-saving by repair rather than replace prevent your family from enjoying the benefits of a modern energy-efficient home heating and cooling system. If an update seems a best solution to your A/C woes, Delta Heating & Cooling can tailor a new Raleigh HVAC installation package best suited to your family budget.

In the HGTV article “Benefits of HVAC Upgrades,” the authors offer the following guidelines:

  • Some upgrades need not include a complete system replacement. On younger home air conditioning system, perhaps upgrading the thermostat is sufficient.
  • Installing a new Energy Star-rated HVAC system typically saves around $200 per year on utility expenses. (Note, this greatly depends on geo-location. According to the Appalachian State University the typical NC savings can run as high as $500 per year.
  • Updating an aged-out HVAC system before actual A/C failure enables homeowners with more time for option comparisons and pricing research.
  • Modern systems provide better comfort and control over home cooling and heating functions.
  • A new system with a new warranty ensures better peace of mind during both winter and summer.

Wisdom in Your Repair or Replace A/C Decision

Your review of options should consider the following factors:

HVAC Refrigerants

If your air conditioning options hang between major repairs of an older R-22 refrigerant system versus replacement with a new R-410A refrigerant system, go new.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration (SEER)

Higher rated SEER systems reflect greater performance and energy efficiency. However, there is a balance wherein it is possible to install excessive SEER capacity. Main point: If faced between retaining an older 10-SEER setup or upgrading to a 15-SEER plus and the repairs are more than simple and cheap, go new.

Heat Pump Better Than Air Conditioner

During the colder Carolina winter seasons, a heat pump proves much more efficient than fuel-based heating. Replacing your broken air conditioning unit with a new heat pump will also serve as an upgrade to your heating system. Thus, you can reduce energy expenses in all seasons.

A New Manufacturer Warranty

Even top name HVAC equipment providers endure some unit failures. If your aged unit is out of warranty, why battle the increasing price of routine repairs. Take a peek at new systems and a new warranty. What is covered? How long is the coverage? How much do I value peace of mind?

So… Should I Repair or Replace My AC Equipment?

Break down the options. Apply equal measures to all models. For answers to manufacturer-specific questions, contact Delta Heating & Cooling. We service all heating and cooling needs throughout regional Raleigh, NC. Call on the people who support their services and remain on 24/7 standby. Your immediate comfort is our immediate concern. Contact now: Delta, your Raleigh residential HVAC expert.