Frozen AC?

I Have a Frozen Air Conditioner. What Should I Do?

The kids are back to school and football season is just around the corner.  Although the fall season is on the horizon, there are still a few weeks left of warm weather to enjoy.  What do you do when you’re ready to have some fun in the sun, but your air conditioner looks like it’s just survived a winter blizzard?

Why is my Air Conditioner Frozen?

There are four situations that can cause your air conditioner to freeze and result in the temperature of your evaporator coil dropping below the freezing mark, and in turn cause trouble for your system.

Greater air flow required

Air conditioners are equipped to lower the temperature in your home by drawing out the hot air, replacing it with cool air.  In order for this to happen, the air that is being drawn must blow directly over the evaporator coil so that it may cool.  If something prevents this from happening, the air temperature inside the air conditioning unit will continue to drop and eventually freeze.

More Refrigerant is Needed

If your system is low on Freon, this will cause the air conditioning system to freeze as the remaining refrigerant is having to work overtime to cool the same amount of space.

Air Conditioners Like it Warm

Air conditioners are designed to work when temperatures are above 62 degrees.  Below 62 degrees, the pressure can drop inside the system causing the air conditioner to freeze.

Mechanical failures

Issues with the system equipment such as a damaged blower fan or a kink in the refrigerant lines can wreak havoc on your system, causing it to freeze.

Now That I Know the Problem, How Can I Fix It?

Prior to attempting to resolve the issue, turn off the air conditioning unit and allow it to defrost.  This will make it easier to see what’s going on and prevent potential further issues caused by the ice. Before contacting an HVAC professional, you can try these troubleshooting tips to possibly remedy the problem on your own.

Inspect the evaporator coil

A dirty evaporator coil can restrict the airflow in your air conditioning system and in turn, cause it to freeze.  A coil cleaning can be a simple step in resolving the problem.

Take a Look at the Air Filter

Your air filter should be replaced quarterly at a minimum.  If your air filter becomes clogged, this can prevent the proper air flow from getting into the unit.

Get to Know Your Ductwork

Head up to the attic to check out the ductwork.  Anything that restricts the airflow within your ducts (disconnections, leaks, etc.) can cause the system not to function properly.  In addition to determining whether there are any structural issues with the ductwork, you’ll want to take a look inside to ensure that the system is free from any dirt and debris which can restrict air flow.

Air Conditioners Like It Warm, Remember?

Avoid running the air conditioner when the temperature is below 62 degrees as the reduced pressure can be the cause of the air conditioner freeze.

If you need more help or your troubleshooting efforts haven’t worked, contact our trained and certified technicians to schedule an appointment!