New Air Conditioner

How to decide on an Air Conditioner

Air conditioning systems are meant to keep a home cool and comfortable, so look for the ideal conditioner for your house. There are many things to take in to account when you are first deciding to replace your existing unit. Consider the steps below to make an informed selection.

What kind of Air Conditioner do you want?

The most common types of air conditioners include central air conditioners, portable units, through-the-wall air conditioners, and window units. Depending on your cooling needs, one type of unit may be better for your home than the others. For example, window units tend to be the least expensive at the outset, but they won’t cool as much space. Central air conditioners, on the other end of the spectrum, tend to be the most expensive up-front, but they will cool more square footage.

How much space do you need to cool?

The air conditioner’s cooling capacity will tell you how much space it can effectively cool. In order to determine the cooling space needed, we must consider the quality of the room’s insulation, the number of windows as well as related factors. When you schedule an in-home consultation with one of our advisers, they will measure your home and determine the best fit for your home.

What’s going to be the most efficient?

In addition to the up-front price, you also must consider how much energy your air conditioner will consume over its intended lifespan. The efficiency of your air conditioner also influences your expenses in the long run. To check the SEER rating of an AC unit, look for its SEER rating. The higher the SEER rating, the less energy the AC unit will waste. You may be glad to hear that installing a variable speed blower can significantly increase a unit’s SEER rating.

Do warranties cover the unit?

The ideal extended warranty will respond to any damages your unit experiences for several months following your purchase. Most producers now offer extended service contracts from which to choose. Review the program to be certain that you comprehend all the extra cover options and to see what is required to stay under that warranty.


Before you buy your air conditioning unit, compare prices from several different suppliers to get the best “value” for your cash. Take time to compare prices from licensed, insured and credible companies like Delta Heating & Cooling to make sure that you will be getting your unit from a source that will deliver excellent customer service. Set up your FREE in-home estimate with the experts at Delta Heating & Cooling today.