Benefits of Maintaining Clean HVAC Coils

Clean HVAC Coils Promote Superior Air Conditioning Performance

Clean HVAC coils help ensure that your Raleigh home A/C system runs effectively, efficiently, and reliably. All measures of preventive HVAC maintenance help to ensure increased system reliability. However, keeping the condenser and evaporator coils free of foreign materials establishes the core for both short-term and long-term superior air conditioning performance. To keep it simple: Any hindrance to the HVAC heat transfer process:

  • Decreases AC efficiency
  • Increases AC operating expenses
  • AND Ramps up the possibilities of early AC failures

In this article, the Raleigh-based techs from Delta Heating & Cooling explain the importance of have a clean HVAC heat transfer system.

Understanding the HVAC Heat Transfer Process

When running your HVAC unit in Raleigh home cooling mode, heat exchange occurs in two components: 1) the evaporator coils and 2) the condensing unit coils. If the coils in either component suffer from accumulated foreign materials, the system will suffer a decrease in the rate of effective heat transference from coil to air. In simple terms: Foreign materials on the coils of your home HVAC system inhibit free airflow through the coils.

Clean HVAC Coils Rated Most Cost-Effective Investment For AC Efficiency

Keeping HVAC coils clean rates among the most cost-effective solutions toward long-term reliable air conditioning performance. Dirty system coils significantly dilute AC efficiency, reduce system airflow, and hinder system ability to absorb heat. This means a decrease in the indoor air quality at your Raleigh NC home. It also means a hindered dehumidification process. Thus your comfort level often fails to align with the settings on your system thermostat.

But it is also about cost-efficiency. According to an A/C maintenance report from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE), “A dirty condenser coil can increase compressor energy consumption by 30 percent.” Lousy home cooling can actually cost you more than comfortable home cooling. Make a gainful investment in your home HVAC system. Keep the AC coils clean.

Best Ways To Address Coil-Related HVAC Problems

Many AC-related clean-up activities are DIY solutions. It begins by:

  • Minimizing debris and dirt that can accumulate near your outdoor condenser coils
  • Trimming foliage back at least two feet from the unit
  • Avoiding law mower discharge that is directed toward your outdoor condenser unit
  • Removing accumulated fallen leaves
  • Examining for bent coil fins. Note: aluminum evaporator fins and aluminum condenser fins are easy to bend. Although homeowners can freely purchase a “fin comb,” correcting this problem is better left in the hands of a professional HVAC tech
  • Using low-pressure water to hose the coils free of accumulated dust

Scheduling A Yearly Professional HVAC Maintenance Inspection

Proper maintenance of your Raleigh NC home air conditioning system sometimes requires professional HVAC services. Skilled A/C techs find, fix and prevent accumulating HVAC problems. A full service A/C checkup includes:

  • Testing and correcting refrigerant levels, including correcting any leaks
  • Following legal requirements for refrigerant capture and restore
  • Sealing existing air leaks
  • Ensuring correct evaporator coil airflow
  • Clean and tighten electric connections while also verifying system electronic control sequences
  • Adjust thermostat accuracy settings
  • Check belts and oil motors

It’s always important to maintain your equipment, both for the life of your unit and for safety reasons, especially before you begin heavily using it for the season. A condo’s A/C unit recently caught on fire in Uptown Charlotte, NC due to being overworked on a hot day. Although it may not have been due to improper maintenance, there’s a slight chance such an event could occur.

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