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5 Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill This Summer

5 Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill This Summer

Summer is great for so many reasons — namely vacations — but it can be tough on your electric bill. As the Raleigh heat and humidity reach their annual peak, many people keep their air conditioners on full-time duty. When the bills roll in, it’s not a pretty sight.

So, what can you do to keep your electric bill low in summer? By following these tips, you can stay cool and enjoy the season without breaking the bank.

Close off Unused Rooms

One way to reduce your electric bill is closing the doors — and the vents — in rooms you’re not using regularly. Maybe the kids are away at camp, or the guest room will sit vacant until fall. When you close off unused areas, you reduce the effective size of your home that needs to be cooled, which saves you money.

Conserve Where You Can

Did you know your home has a leak? It’s true — by keeping unused electronics and lights turned on, you waste electricity. In fact, even leaving gadgets plugged in when they’re not in use expends more electricity than necessary. Use a power strip for ease of shutting everything down, and have family members make it a habit to turn off lights when they leave rooms. In addition, consider spending more time outdoors when the weather is nice — just be sure to switch off lights and electronics before you leave.

Make Strategic Use of Fans

Air circulation plays a key role in keeping your home cool, and using fans can allow you to run your air conditioning system less than you might otherwise. In the cooler early mornings, consider putting a box fan in one window and opening another window at the other end of your house — and switch on ceiling fans to get a nice breeze going.

Embrace Energy Efficiency

When you replace traditional light bulbs with more-efficient compact fluorescents or LEDs, you save energy and money on your electricity bill. If your appliances are old, consider replacing them with energy-saving newer models. You also can focus on using appliances that consume less energy, including pressure cookers and microwave ovens. Outdoor grills save on energy costs and help you avoid heating up the house with the stove.

Use Your Air Conditioning Wisely

The thirstiest guzzler of electricity during the summer is your air conditioning system. By setting your thermostat to 78 — and leaving it there — you help the system run more efficiently and use less energy overall. Also consider turning the system off at night and during the early mornings to help keep your energy bill in the reasonable realm. During the day, close blinds and shades to block the hot sun out.

Keeping your air conditioning in good running order is critical if you want to lower your electricity costs in the summer. To schedule a service appointment, please contact Delta Heating & Cooling at (919) 256-5120.