Heat Pump

Raleigh & Greenville Heat Pump Repair, Maintenance and Installation

Many homes in the our area have both an air conditioner and a furnace. Have you ever wondered if there is an energy-efficient alternative? We have the answer – a heat pump or dual fuel.

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is an air conditioner that has the ability to run its cycle in reverse.  During the summer, a heat pump pulls heat from the home to keep inside temperatures cool. During the cooler months, a heat pump pulls heat from the outdoors and transfers it into your home. This is a very efficient product for the use of both heating and cooling.

Heat Pump Efficiency

A heat pump is a solid energy efficient option for those that live in an area with moderate heating and cooling needs. Due to their ability to transfer thermal energy from hot to cold and cold to hot, they help keep a home comfortable year round.

Should I Consider a Heat Pump?

Environmentally Safe  Unlike a gas-fired furnace, a heat pump only uses electrical energy to create the heat.

Reliable  Heat pumps have now been around for decades, making them tested and reliable. A heat pump is one of the most efficient forms of heating and cooling available in today’s market.

Staged Comfort  Heat pumps have come a long way. They provide the features we all want and expect for our home heating systems. The available options of 2-stage compressors, 3-stage Compressors, and FULL VARIABLE SPEED compressor, almost eliminating the use of supplemental heat, making heat pumps affordable and efficient.

Dual Fuel  A Dual fuel system is when a heat pump is installed outdoors and a furnace indoors.  This type of system increases the consistency of the complete system and reduces the amount of energy used since the furnace does not run all winter. Heat pumps are typically more efficient than gas furnaces and often run longer than what your standard furnace would. This allows the air to be circulated around the home while more effectively reducing hot or cold spots.

Is Heat Pump Maintenance expensive? Not normally. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.

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