Raleigh & Greenville Furnace Repair and Installation

There are many types of furnaces to choose form in today’s HVAC market. You can select from a variety of options including high-efficient furnaces, 2-stage furnaces, modulating furnaces, and variable speed furnaces. These options give you the opportunity to create system that can provide a cleaner environment with the benefit of increased efficiency.

What is a staged gas furnace?

A staged furnace is a gas-fired heating system that has a 2-stage or modulating gas valve. This type of furnace has the ability to run at full capacity or partial capacity allowing for better comfort levels and helping to reduce energy consumption. As this heating system runs at a length of time at a lower output, it will better mix the air inside a home and fill the areas that may have potential hot or cold spots. This system reduces energy by decreasing stopping and starting and not creating major temperature swings in the home. Think of this type of furnace as being set on cruise control to maintain a consistent temperature.


Many of our 2-staged or modulating gas furnaces incorporate a variable speed blower that moves the air around the home, allowing for efficient air movement throughout the home year round. The variable speed blower can also help dehumidify in the cooling months when an air conditioner is attached to the system.

We offer furnaces that range from 80% to 96% efficient.  Depending on the application and location of the furnace, an 80% furnace could be your only option. With that in mind, many of the features above are available on the 80% furnaces we stock and install. The biggest difference between an 80% non-condensing furnace and a 96%+ condensing furnace is a secondary heat exchanger located in the 96%+ furnace, giving it a higher efficiency rating.

Should I upgrade my furnace?

Safer Heating  A 90%+ furnace comes with a 2-pipe flue kit, allowing for safe and efficient heating of your home.

Reliability  Most of our furnaces come with a stainless steel heat exchanger, giving years of safe comfort with less repairs.

Environmentally Safe  When planning to upgrade your furnace, look to the higher-efficient 90%+ gas furnaces for less air pollution and increased savings.

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